Tensile structures are predominantly used in creation of canopy walk-ways, entrance pavilions and across amphitheaters. PVC membranes, Teflon coated Fiberglass and high grade polyethylene are materials that go in the making. These provide endurance and durability to tensile structures. Let us have a deeper insight into some of the exclusive fabric materials that go into the making.


PVC is a material that is low-cost. And the fabric is used for a variety of purposes. The PVC coated fabric can predominantly be used to aid permanent as well as temporary structures. PVC is a fabric that stems a coating of self-cleaning lacquering layers to get an ample protection from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. That is primarily the main reason as to why PVC fabrics are extensively used in creation of tensile fabrics. The PVC coated fabrics also boast of flexibility, excellent strength and translucency. These fabrics, utilized in tensile structure bays, can guarantee you with a life-span of at least 25 years. These are available to you in a wide range of colors. As these fabrics, aid printability, these can be utilized well as banners too. Plus PVC fabrics are fire resistant. Covered car park areas, canopy walkways, stadiums and event spaces make use of PVC aided tensile.


PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene is a Teflon coated fiberglass. Not to forget the fact that the material is a woven fiberglass. You find that this particular material is highly resistant to external weather torrents. This way, PTFE is a highly durable one. The fiberglass coated with PTFE makes it easier while maintaining these tensile structures. Plus the material comes to you with a guarantee of 30+ years. Its tensile strength is quite impressive, if you have a look at it. The fiberglass coated with PTFE, does not become brittle or loses its color with the passage of time.

The fiberglass gets constantly bleached by the UV rays that you get an everlasting sheen to the stage. The dramatic lighting effects can set live stages on fire. Stadiums, courtyard, exhibition spaces, auditoriums and hospitality industry makes use of Teflon coated tensile shades.


ETFE stands for Ethylene Tetrafluroethylene. Ethylene Tetrafluroethylene or ETFE is highly transparent, durable and light-weight in comparison to the glass structures. This material is in dominant use when it comes to creation of sky-light mechanisms. Long span structures and building facades also prefer their tensile strength to derive from ETFE. You have the material as a matter of choice. You get building stenches known for its high-impact visibility indeed. You cannot match against its impact or presence when you want to create a building that stands out from the crowd. ETFE materials seamlessly go into the making when you want to create impressive greenhouses or glass house structures. The material is highly tinted to get into, coating of solar power plants. As the material is highly tinted with color and clarity, you find that ETFE reduces light transmission. It shields the building against UV rays, atmospheric pollution and other forms of weather torrents.


Do you know how the mesh fabric is created? PVC coated mesh is weaved during the fabrication process itself. This procedure adds increased strength, durability and a long lasting appeal to tensile structures. You can create a wide-spectrum of graphic appeal with the endless number of possibilities the coated mesh offers you with. Digital printing can also be done on PVC coated mesh at an absolute degree of ease. Glass building radiates heat on account of its transparency. You can use a PVC coated mesh that doubles up as interior solar shading. This way you can manage sunlight or glare in large atriums. The mesh also shields buildings with glazed walls. Easier maintenance and fire proof aspect make sure, the material in a used in a wide range of operations. Wind shields, blinds, inverted sunscreens and suspended rafts are just a few of them. PVC coated mesh is also available to you in a wide range of shades.


Lycra is a synthetic fiber that is known for its excellent degree of elasticity. It has a better elasticity over natural rubber. It can stretch several times. And incredibly return back to its original shape or form. This material is also easy to maintain, durable, light weight and easier to install as well.


What do you think a stainless steel mesh is? These are 350 chords of stainless steel woven into a mesh. Owing to its enhanced durability, this material is widely in use in a number of commercial projects. A stainless steel wire mesh is compatible to other forms of steel like mild steel or galvanized steel. The product comes to you with a 20+ years of guarantee.


These nets are known for its excellent resistance to chemicals and its recyclability. These nets are ideal solutions for simple and smaller aviary structures providing cost-effective lightweight solutions for both wall and roof panels. These meshes are rot and UV resistant. Correctly installed meshes, with a good maintenance programme, could be expected to last up to 10 years in ideal circumstances.


We have in house M & A Steel fabrication and membrane heat-sealing facility. We also have in house spray painting facility for Mild Steel framework. Rather than acting as booking agents for companies abroad, we worked with consultants to design and develop tensile structures in INDIA. Having the structure development in INDIA saves a lot of foreign exchange for the country it also saves a lot of cost and time.